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Akmerkez Komplex Istanbul

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Elegant solutions for a luxurious shopping mall

The Akmerkez complex in the heart of Istanbul stretches over 180,000 square metres. Besides a four-storey shopping mall with 250 shops, Akmerkez also contains three towers. Two of them, with 14 and 17 storeys apiece, contain office space, whilst a third, 24-storey, structure contains high-quality housing.
During comprehensive renovation of the complex, which was built in 1993, the executive company, the Akmerkez Construction Company, decided to use the versatile OBO underfloor systems in the luxurious shopping mall and the office buildings. Function and design, quality and longevity were the key factors for the planners. They found just these benefits in OBO underfloor systems.

Together with the partner Concept i-Corporate, who implemented the electrical installation, they chose the nickel-plated GESRM2 service outlet and the corresponding accessorz mounting unit. The rapid exchange and countless samples convinced the customer, as did the large product range with a multitude of colour options. During the selection and ordering of the products, the planners were thrilled by the clearly structured catalogue, which could also be used on site using mobile devices. Rapid delivery rounded off the positive impression.

Underfloor systems from OBO – elegance and function

  • Large product range with many colour options
  • Quality and longevity
  • Products for dry, moist or wet cleaning
  • Protection of the electrical installation to IP
  • Suitable for almost any floor covering
  • Can be adjusted to the appropriate floor height
  • Underfloor systems for heavy-duty areas
  • Special solutions