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Etzel natural gas storage facility, Friedeburg

  • Gallery Erdgasspeicher Etzel
OBO wide span cable trays ensure reliable electrical cable routing

The Etzel ESE natural gas storage facility is one of the world's largest storage locations for natural gas and has been in operation since 2012. Located deep in a rock salt layer, the large subterranean caverns secure Germany's energy supply like huge safes. The very high storage capacity of the plant, around 2 billion cubic metres (after final expansion in 2014) catches peaks in demand, compensates for variations in consumption and is used as a storage tank. More than 20 kilometres of OBO wide span cable trays play a key role in the routing of cables and contribute to the safe operation of the plant.

During the erection of the Etzel ESE natural gas storage facility between 2011 and 2013, a total of 16 kilometres of WKSG wide span cable trays were installed. The wide span cable trays were mounted in multiple layers in the raised floor and on the ceiling of the distribution rooms of the storage facility. In the outdoor areas, the wide span cable trays were fastened in multiple layers on concrete bases. Thanks to the proximity of the local OBO temporary storage warehouse, OBO was able to react quickly to the requirements of the construction site, thus supporting the efficient progress of the project.