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Frauenkirche Dresden

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OBO installed unnoticeable cable routing systems in the dome area – without disturbing visitors to the church

Frauenkirche is one of the most historically important churches in Germany and is concerned a symbol of Protestant church construction. In the architecturally challenging dome area of the protected building, OBO's mounting specialists used GS sheet steel device installation ducts to install a high-quality, unnoticeable concealed cable routing solution.

Frauenkirche is the symbol of the city of Dresden and, on account of its appearance and interior design with the pulpit, font, altar and organ all arranged in the centre, is one of the most amazing examples of Baroque religious architecture. The dome of Frauenkirche is important for many reasons. At a height of 24 metres and a diameter of 26 metres, it is the largest stone dome north of the Alps. It is made completely from sandstone and weighs over 12,000 tonnes. During the period between December 2007 and January 2008, OBO refitted and extended the the cable routing in the dome area of Frauenkirche in a complex operation. One of the requirements of the project was leave the historical and architectural style of the protected church as intact as possible. In order to achieve this aim, the device installation ducts used were cleverly integrated into the architectural of Frauenkirche, with some being concealed.

The rising vertical duct in the spiral staircase of the church was embedded in the sandstone and follows the round course of the vaulted ceiling of the dome. The complex fastening of the ducts in natural sandstone with special anchors was solved brilliantly by the OBO mounting team. Although the rising duct was concealed, it can be opened at any time to add cables.

Even in the early phase of construction, OBO sales engineer Frank Metzner worked closely with Dresdener Elektro-Ingenieurbüro GmbH, in order to guarantee the high quality and efficient installation of the device installation ducts. As the complex mounting work only took place at night, the work could be completed in time and without any disturbance to the visitors to the church.