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Howald Tunnel in Luxembourg

  • Gallery Tunnel Howald
  • Gallery Tunnel Howald
  • Gallery Tunnel Howald
OBO products had an important role to play in the refurbishment.

The Howald Tunnel in Luxembourg is located on the A1 motorway and is an important part of the infrastructure connecting Germany and France in an east-west direction. Every day, up to 70,000 cars travel through the 486 metre-long, two-tunnel construction, which is also one of the busiest roads in Luxembourg.

In the period between June and the end of November 2010, the Howald Tunnel was refurbished, under the leadership of Imtech from Luxembourg. One of Imtech's requirements was that the safety of the electrical installations was improved considerably during refurbishment. For this, a corrosion-resistant cable support system with function maintenance was to be used, which could manage without additional threaded rods, guaranteeing the safety of the electrical installations in case of fire.

The RKS-Magic® cable support system from OBO fulfils all the above requirements. In addition, the patented Magic quick connector of the cable support system permits particularly quick and safe mounting. Imtech was also convinced of the system's performance after it was presented at the "Light & Building" fair – and OBO won the building contract!

OBO engineers provided on-site customer support during the planning, development and mounting of the cable support system. Before the start of construction, the tunnel radii were surveyed during night-time visits to the tunnel, so that special brackets with appropriate welded head plates could be manufactured. A special survey was compiled, in order to be able to mount the RKS-Magic® cable system according to the specifications of the customer.

During the construction phase, the tunnel had to be completely closed to traffic. Thanks to refined OBO logistics and the quickly mounted RKS-Magic® system, the required construction time could be reduced to a minimum. The "just in time" deliveries to the construction site meant that the appropriate construction sections could be completed without any delay: Mounting of the brackets and trays for one of the tunnels was completed within two days.