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Ice Rink Brehmstrasse, Düsseldorf

  • Gallery Eisstadion Brehmstraße
  • Gallery Eisstadion Brehmstraße

    RKS-Magic® cable tray for function maintenance and standard routing

  • Gallery Eisstadion Brehmstraße

    Perfectly integrated – RKS-Magic® coated in white and blue on the ceiling construction

RKS-Magic® cable trays for function maintenance and standard routing

The ice rink in Brehmstrasse in Düsseldorf is a true temple of German professional ice hockey. For over 70 years, between 1935 and 2006, the DEG Metro Stars regularly played their home fixtures, cheered on by the crowds. Even today, the ice rink is used as a central training location for all DEG teams, as well as the home ground for the DNL youth team. The complete electrical installation was renewed in the period between August 2008 and August 2009 during the course of the roof refurbishment.

Brehmstrasse, as the top spectator location in German ice hockey has been called for decades, was the venue for the 1955, 1975 and 1983 World Ice Hockey Championships. Now, the ice rink is used as a training location for the DEG Metro Stars and is used by countless youth teams. During public skating times, the stadium is also a popular meeting place for ice skaters.

The structural conditions for the future of Brehmstrasse were created together with OBO Bettermann. One of the greatest challenges in the refurbishment of the electrical installation was to ensure structural fire protection.

Due to the volume of cables to be routed, the use of a cable tray with a width of 400 mm and an approved cable load of 30 kg/m was required. However, the structural conditions made it impossible to use function maintenance cable trays in the standard routing system, as a threaded rod suspension would be required at the bracket tip. The testing of the RKS-Magic® cable tray for function maintenance meant that OBO was able to offer an alternative here, which can be also used without a threaded rod suspension. This was an advantage which no other competitor could offer during the period of the mounting work.

For mounting in the interior, the colour of the RKS-Magic® cable tray had to be adapted to the appearance of the ice rink. To this end, OBO supplied the cable tray with a powder coating in the colours RAL 5007 and RAL 9010. The innovative connection method of the RKS-Magic® cable tray meant that practically no lengthy screwing work was required during mounting, allowing a considerable increase in the mounting speed.