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Serdika Center Sofia

  • Gallery Serdika Center Sofia
  • Gallery Serdika Center Sofia
  • Gallery Serdika Center Sofia
The impressive "Serdika Center Sofia" sets new standards for commercial and office buildings in Bulgaria

With a sales area of more than 50,000 square metres and 210 premium shops on three levels, the Serdika Center in Sofia is one of the largest shopping centres in Bulgaria.

Shops for household goods and entertainment electronics, several large clothing stores, a large store for sporting goods and many boutiques offer a wide range of products. In the shopping centre of the Serdika Center, many internationally renowned companies are presenting their brands for the first time in this region. In addition, the 35,000 square metre, category "A" office complex offers excellent conditions for successful business. In the catering area, multiple restaurants and cafés offer both international and national cuisine – a perfect place to relax and enjoy oneself.

All of this, combined with over 1,700 parking spaces, offers a wide range of options to suit every taste. A superb place to meet, work, shop and eat.

The construction work for the Serdika Center began with the official opening of the construction size in October 2008 under the management of ECE Project Management Bulgaria Ltd. OBO Bettermann was chosen as the main supplier of the electrical installation material, as the company possesses wide-ranging experience of other projects and can offer a comprehensive portfolio of certified products and solutions.

Safety requirements meant that it was necessary to tackle fire protection solutions intensively. In a building of this size, function maintenance is a central safety aspect if there is a fire. As one of the leading and most innovative manufacturers of E30/E90 function maintenance systems, OBO not only supplied certified fire protection products, but also provided support in planning and construction.

Long-term experience and a large number of high-quality, certified products and solutions meant that OBO could fulfil the expectations of the investor. Ideal solutions were found for all the required installations – in accordance with European standards and norms.

The Serdika Center was officially opened on 16 March 2010.

The following list shows which OBO product units contributed to the timely, efficient completion of the project:

  • KTS – RKSM cable support system: Tested, reliable and easy to mount
  • TBS – insulated lightning protection of ventilation and air-conditioning systems using OBO insulation rods of type 101, flat roof lightning protection using OBO round cables made of aluminium and interception rods. Total protected area: Approx. 35,000 m²
  • VBS – metal pipes and clamps
  • UFS – GESR 7 in the office area, GESRN2 USB in the shopping centre, screed-covered duct system in the central administration office
  • LFS – Rapid 45 installation ducts in the central administration office
  • EGS – Modul 45 connection socket for installation in OBO UFS and LFS products
  • BSS – RKSM cable support system, metal pipes with clips, as well as OBO GRIP as an E30/E90 function maintenance system; FPS – finished plate insulation