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Twin towers of Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt

  • Gallery Zwillingstürme der Deutschen Bank
Environmentally friendly complete refurbishment with OBO systems

With their 40 storeys, the twin towers of Deutsche Bank are some of the highest and most impressive buildings in Germany. Due to changed fire protection regulations, the two tower blocks were completely renovated in the period between 2007 and 2010 for approx. 200 million euros. During the renovation work, the twin towers were optimised according to the strict environmental and efficiency specifications of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). OBO cable support systems make a decisive contribution to the function maintenance of the electrical systems.

One of the greatest challenges during the renovation of the twin towers of Deutsche Bank was the detailed logistics concept, which had to be strictly maintained. The location in the hearty of the city limited the size of the delivery and storage areas of the construction site to a relatively small area. Thus, due to the limited spatial conditions, deliveries were only possible in specific periods of time. OBO logistics and the OBO project management maintained the mesh of deadlines and logistics in a targetted manner, making a considerable contribution to the maintenance of the renovation process. The mounting of OBO cable support systems with function maintenance has meant that, after the renovation work, the twin towers of Deutsche Bank meet the latest fire protection requirements.