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Westend Palais, Frankfurt

  • Gallery Westend Palais
Use of OBO KTS-MLAR sections in fire protection refurbishment

Westend Palais is a unique neo-classical building on the Frankfurt office scene. After the completion of the comprehensive refurbishment work, the building can offer outstanding office areas with state-of-the-art interior architecture and the latest fittings – an ideal environment for businesses. The fire protection refurbishment, in which OBO cable support systems for escape route installation above F30 ceilings played a key role, has meant that Westend Palais fulfils the latest fire protection requirements.

During the fire protection refurbishment between September 2010 and November 2012, the entire Westend Palais was redesigned. Amongst other things, approx. 6,000 metres of OBO SKS cable trays with a 1.5 mm sheet thickness were installed above the false ceilings of the escape route. TO fasten the cable trays, OBO developed a special solution, as the load capacity of the storey ceilings was insufficient in the older parts of Westend Palais. In close cooperation with the OBO project management, steel support structures were mounted above the false ceilings and the cable trays fastened to them. The rapid reaction times of the nearby OBO supply warehouse and the local support by OBO project management played a key role in the easy execution of the installation work.