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Westgate shopping centre, Zagreb

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  • Gallery Shoppingcenter Westgate
  • Gallery Shoppingcenter Westgate
Construction of Croatia's largest shopping centre in record time.

The Westgate shopping centre, the largest shopping centre in Croatia, was opened on 22 October 2009 after a construction period of just 15 months. On a sales area of approx. 100,000 m² and two storeys, the shopping centre, which cost 270 million euros to build, offers space for around 260 shops. It combines a gigantic product range with a comprehensive entertainment offer, thus offering a unique shopping experience near Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. OBO played a major role in the construction of the Westgate shopping centre and provided both a wide range of solutions as well as on-site service and support.

To the outside, the Westgate shopping centre is characterised by its attractive, contemporary facade. Eight entrances around the building mean that any location in the mall, which is shaped like a triangle, can be accessed easily. This means that distances for customers remain short, despite the huge dimensions of the shopping centre. The interior of the glass-roofed mall is structured by attractive open spaces, roofed with glass cupolae. Here, successful commercial companies, fashion labels and sole traders offer a balanced range of products in a shop front length of around 3.3 kilometres and a sales area of approx. 100,000 m².

Besides the wide range of shopping opportunities, the Westgate shopping centre can offer a varied range of entertainment. The large KIDS WORLD play area offers 4,000 m² of fun and enjoyment for children – allowing their parents to shop in peace. A total of 22 restaurants, bars, a free rollerblading centre for children and a bowling alley round off the entertainments on offer.

OBO supplied numerous solutions and products for the construction of the Westgate shopping centre. For the power supply of the systems on the roof of the building, the OBO WKSG FT wide span cable tray was the first choice as, besides its good corrosion resistances, it also offers a high load capacity. In the field of fire protection, the compact OBO FireBox junction boxes were used to distribute the function maintenance cables. For the construction of the lightning protection system, 23 km of OBO RD8-FT round cables were installed. In addition, height-adjustable OBO RKSN cassettes for underfloor systems allow a discreet underfloor power supply, even in areas in which a high load capacity is required.

The participation of OBO in the construction of the Westgate shopping centre was not only limited to the supply of products but also included comprehensive support in the form of on-site consultation and logistics.