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OBO Construct
  • OBO Construct planning software

    With OBO Construct, OBO Bettermann planning software makes planning software available to various sectors of the electrical installation industry. This means that OBO Bettermann can simplify the planning of cable support systems, fire protection, surge protection and many other areas of electrical installation.

    With the OBO Construct planning software, you can carry out your planning tasks, based on your concrete project specifications. Frequently, you will be guided in a step-by-step manner by the planning software towards the right product for your requirements.

    The appropriate modules match the technical specifications and standards ‒ something particularly relevant in the planning of fire protection and surge protection systems. The planning software is available on various platforms, such as apps for mobile devices, browser-based web modules and as PC software.

    Simplify your electrical installation planning with the OBO Construct planning software.